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  At present, many countries in the world are facing severe challenges. The development of epidemic prevention and control needs the cooperation and efforts of all countries in the world. The establishment of Vanke School of public health and health of Tsinghua University is at the right time, which fully demonstrates Tsinghua's responsibility as a world-class university. The school of Vanke public health and health of Tsinghua University aims at high-level personnel training, high-level teaching staff, cutting-edge scientific research, high-level international cooperation and industrial cooperation. At the same time, it has a high starting point and overall outlook. In the future, it will contribute to the construction of think tanks, national policy system and cadre training system, and help the national public health system To promote the development of human public health and health. The epidemic has made us understand the significance of international cooperation and building a community with a shared future for mankind. The school of Vanke public health and health of Tsinghua University is a rising star in the night of this epidemic.

Introduction to the School

Tsinghua University Vanke School of Public Health (SPH) was newly established on April 2, 2020 in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Margaret Chan, the Former Director-General and Emeritus Director-General of the World Health Organization, is the founding dean of the School. The establishment of the School is a historic milestone for Tsinghua University, as it actively undertakes its mission to shoulder the responsibility of addressing national and global challenges, development priorities and needs. It is also a timely disciplinary response to major global public health issues.


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