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The COVID - 19 pandemic is continuing to cause serious disruption to communities around the world. Due to the frequent variation of the virus and the limited supply of vaccines, ever-present outbreaks have impacted people’s health and well-being, and fundamentally altered the global economy. The pandemic has made the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 an even-greater challenge for humanity.

One of the welcome trends since the COVID-19 pandemic began has been the unprecedented worldwide attention to building better public health systems. We have been reminded that continuously improving the resilience of public health systems is of critical importance in responding to future health crises. It is more urgent than ever for people around the world to find solutions and take actions to build a resilient public health system, so as to ensure it is stronger, more equitable, and more accessible.

The inaugural Word Health Forum (WHF2021) is themed Building a Resilient Public Health System and will focus on issues such as Universal Health Coverage, UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Pandemic Preparedness and Response, Safeguarding Human Health in a Rapidly Changing Environment, Health System in the Era of Big Data. WHF2021 will convene internationally renowned scholars, international organization leaders, former Heads of State and Government, senior public health and technology leaders to discuss measures and inject new direction and momentum into the future public health in the post-pandemic era, to promote understanding and cooperation on important issues of global public health governance, so as to strengthen the building of the global public health security system and provide policy makers with actionable policy recommendations.

The World Health Forum is initiated by Tsinghua University and chaired by Margaret CHAN, the former Director-General of WHO, and the Founding Dean of the Vanke School of Public Health in the Tsinghua University of China. WHF 2021 will be organized both online and in person at Tsinghua University.


Building a Resilient Public Health System


November 19 Registration

November 20-21 World Health Forum 2021


Reception Hall, Main Building, Tsinghua University



Margaret CHAN, Dean, Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

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