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Kun TANG, MBBS, MS, D.Phil.

Associate Professor

Member of the World Health Organization Advisory Group for Adolescent Health Metrics

Member of the World Health Organization COVID-19 Global Research Roadmap Social Science Group


2009-2013,D.Phil., Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford

2007-2009,MS, T.H.Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University

2001-2007,Medical Bachelor, Health Science Center, Peking University


2020/7 to date Associate Professor, Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

2019/1-2020/6 Assistant Professor, Research Centre for Public Health, Tsinghua University

2014/1-2018/12 Lecturer Department of Global Health, School of Public Health, Peking University

2005/1-2005/12 Consultant, United Nations Population Fund


Global health and governance

Maternal and child health

Sexual and reproductive health

Social determinants of health

Research projects

(1)National Natural Science Foundation of China,Study on the health impacts of regional integration and its underlying mechanisms under the Belt and Road Initiative: a multi-channel big data analysis,PI,2021/1-2024/12

(2)Tsinghua University Spring Breeze Fund,A Multi-country Comparative Study of the Global Health Governance and Practice during the Pandemic of COVID-19,PI,2020/11-2021/11

(3)World Health Organization,Qualitative Research on Pregnancy, Pregnancy Prevention and Induced Abortion in the Context of COVID-19 and health facility assessment,PI,2020/7-2021/7

(4)United Nations Children’s Fund/China South-South Cooperation Fund,Maternal and child health care system evaluation in the Democratic Republic of Congo,PI,2020/3-2020/12

(5)UNICEF,Situational Analysis of adolescent and youth health and wellbeing in Kyrgyzstan,Co-PI,2019/12-2020/6

(6)China Medical Board,Development of pre-departure training system for the Chinese medical teams,PI,2019/12-2022/1

(7)China Family Planning Association,HIV/AIDS prevention among young MSM populations,PI,2019/4-2019/12

(8)Rural Women Development Foundation, A cohort study of sexual and reproductive health of rural children in China,PI,2019/5-2020/5

(9)Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/Harvard University,Evaluating the Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of the China-Tanzania Malaria Demonstration Project,Co-PI, 2018/6-2022/12

(10)United Nations Population Fund,the “Belt and Road”Youth Leadership Training,PI,2019/1-2021/10

(11)China Family Planning Association,Development of a volunteer management system,PI, 2019/8-2020/11

(12)Marie Stopes International (China),A cluster-randomised controlled trial of Online Sex Education in middle schools in China,PI, 2018/4-2021/12


(1)Global health and governance

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(2)Maternal and child health/sexual and reproductive health

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(3)Social determinants of health

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