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Runsen CHEN

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    420 C5, Mingli Building, Tsinghua University

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Runsen CHEN, D.Phil., Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Research domain: Psychiatric epidemiology, Psychopathology, Psychological interventions


2020 Doctoral degree, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, UK

2017 Master degree, Brain and Mind Center, University of Sydney, Australia

2015 Bachelor degree, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, Australia

Working experience

Adjunct Principal Investigator, National Clinical Research Center on Mental Disorders Mental Health Institute, Central South University, Changsha, China

Adjunct Research Fellow, Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Editorial Board

2018-present Bipolar Disorders

2019-present BMC Psychiatry

2020-present Globalization and Health (Guest editor)

Research interests

Mood disorders

Self-harm and suicide in adolescents

Gender dysphoria

Publications (selected)

1. Chen R#, Cui Z#, Capitão L, Wang G*, Satterthwaite TD, Harmer C. Precision biomarkers for mood disorders based on brain imaging. BMJ, 2020 Oct 9;371:m3618-22.

2. Chen R, Capitao L, Cowen J, Harmer J*. (2020). Effect of the NMDA receptor partial agonist, d-cycloserine, on emotional processing and autobiographical memory. Psychological Medicine, 2020 May 7:1-9.

3. Wang Y#, Hu Z#, Feng Y#, Wilson A, Chen R*. Changes in network centrality of psychopathology symptoms between the COVID-19 outbreak and after peak. Molecular Psychiatry, 2020 25( 12): 3140-9.

4. Chen R#, Zhu X#, Capitão LP, Zhang H, Luo J*, Wang X, Xi Y, Song X, Feng Y, Cao L, Malhi GS. Psychoeducation for psychiatric inpatients following remission of a manic episode in bipolar I disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Bipolar Disorders, 2019 Feb;21(1):76-85.

5. Wang Y#, Yu H#, Yang Y#, Wang S, Drescher J, Chen R*. The victim-bully cycle of lesbian, gay and bisexual school adolescents in China: prevalence and the association of mood problems and coping strategies. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. 2020;29:e179.

6. Chen R#, Wang Y#, Liu L, Lu L, Wilson A, Gong S, Zhu Y, Sheng C, Zeng Y, Li Y, Ou J*. A qualitative study of how self-harm starts and continues among Chinese adolescents. BJPsych open. 2021 Jan;7(1).

7. Chen R#, Liu J#, Cao X#, Duan S, Wen S, Zhang S, Xu J, Lin L, Xue Z, Lu J*. The relationship between mobile phone use and suicide-related behaviors among adolescents: the mediating role of depression and interpersonal problems. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2020 May 15;269:101-7.

8. Chen R, An J, Ou J*. Suicidal behaviour among children and adolescents in China. The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, 2018 Aug 1;2(8):551-3.

9. Duan S, Wang H, Wilson A, Qiu J, Chen G, He Y, Wang Y, Ou, J*, Chen R*. Developing a text-messaging intervention to reduce deliberate self-harm in Chinese adolescents: a qualitative study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 2020;8(6):e16963-16972.

10. Zhong S#, Lu L#, Wilson A, Wang Y, Duan S, Ou J*, Shi L, Ge J, Chen L, Zhao K, Chen R*. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and suicidal ideation among college students: A structural equation modeling approach. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2021 Jan 15;279:572-7.

11. Peng K#, Zhu X#, Gillespie A#, Wang Y, Gao Y, Xin Y, Qi J, Ou J, Zhong S, Zhao L, Liu J, Chen R*. Self-reported rates of abuse, neglect, and bullying experienced by transgender and gender-nonbinary adolescents in China. JAMA Network Open, 2019 Sep 4;2(9):e1911058-70.

12. Chen R#, Zhu X#, Wright L, Drescher J, Gao Y, Wu L, Ying X, Qi J*, Chen C, Xi Y, Ji L. Suicidal ideation and attempted suicide amongst Chinese transgender persons: national population study. Journal of Affective Disorders, 201 9 Feb 15;245:1126-34.

13. Wang Y#, Yu H#, Yang Y#, Jia Q*, Wang S, Drescher J, Zucker K, Chen R*. Mental health status of cisgender and gender-diverse secondary school students in China. JAMA Network Open, 2020; 3(10):e2022796-809

14. Zhu X#, Gao Y#, Gillespie A, Xin Y, Qi J, Ou J, Zhong S, Peng K, Tan T, Wang C, Chen R*. Health care and mental wellbeing in the transgender and gender-diverse Chinese population. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 2019 May 1;7(5):339-41.

15. Wang Y#, Pan B#, Liu Y#, Wilson A, Ou J, Chen R*. Health care and mental health challenges for transgender individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. 2020 Jul 1;8(7):564-5.

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