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Postdoctoral Researcher

Zhicheng WANG

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    4th Floor, Mingli Building, Tsinghua University

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Zhicheng WANG, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow whose main research areas include social medicine, health policy and management in China.


2013-09 to 2019-07, Peking University, Social Medicine and Health Management, PhD

2009-09 to 2013-07, Sichuan University, Health Management, BA

Research areas

Social Medicine, Health Policy and Management

Publications (selected)

1.Wang Z,Tang K. Combating COVID-19: health equity matters. Nat Med. 2020 Apr;26(4):458.

2.Wang Z, Chan KY, Poon AN, Homma K, Guo Y. Construction of an area deprivation index for 2869 counties in China: a census-based J Epidemiol Community Health. 2020 Oct 9:jech-2020-214198.

3.Zou S,Wang Z*, Bhura M, Zhang G, Tang K. Prevalence and associated socioeconomic factors of multimorbidity in 10 regions of China J Public Health (Oxf). 2020 Dec 10:fdaa204.

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