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Postdoctoral Researcher

Qiwei HE

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    4th Floor, Mingli Building, Tsinghua University

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Qiwei HE, Ph.D., Assistant Research Fellow, Committed to global health governance and health development assistance research.


1. 2013-2018,Ph.D., Economics, Clemson University, U.S.

2. 2010-2012,M.S., Money and Banking, University of Exeter, U.K.

3. 2007-2010,B.S., Business Economics, University of Bradford, U.K.


1. 2020/09-now Tsinghua University,Post-Doc Fellow

2. 2018/10-2020/06 China National Health Development Research Center,Assistant Research Fellow

Research areas

Global Health Governance, Health Development Assistant, Public Health Policy, Health Economics

Publications (Selected)

1.王云屏,何其为.疫情当前,各国交出了怎样的答卷[J].中国卫生, 2020(4):80-83.

2. He Q*, Barkowski S. The effect of health insurance on crime: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion[J]. Health Economics. 2020; 29: 261– 277.

3.何其为*. “一带一路”倡议下高等中医药人才培养研究[J].湖南中医药大学学报, 2019, v.39;No.261(06):122-127.

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