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VSPH Welcomes the 2023 Incoming Students

The 2023 VSPH Fall Semester New Student Matriculation Ceremony was held at Mingli Building, Tsinghua University on September 2. This academic year, VSPH welcomes a diverse, dedicated and impressive cohort of new students. 

The ceremony, moderated by Assistant Dean, Prof. HUANG Cunrun, featured opening remarks by Dean Prof. Margaret Chan, congratulatory messages from Executive Vice Dean Prof. LIANG Wannian, Vice Dean Prof. WANG Kaibo, and faculty representative Prof. XU Lei. Additionally, three student representatives from different programs shared their thoughts on the new semester. Approximately 60 students from the Master of Public Health (MPH), International MPH(IMPH) and doctorial programs attended the ceremony.

In her message to the new students, Dean Margaret Chan extended a warm welcome and emphasized the importance of cooperation, adaptability, and innovation in building a vibrant global public health system, “I encourage you to embrace continuous learning and growth, to transcend disciplinary boundaries and sectors, to venture into uncharted territories of knowledge in your fields, and to embrace a mindset that balances local actions with global visions. I hope all of you keep engaging in the mission to build a global community with a shared future for humanity.”

Prof. LIANG Wannian highlighted the need for new, versatile public health professionals in the era of profound changes in public health. “To further make contributions to the Health of China and the whole global community, students should embrace the academic knowledge, genuine aspirations, inner growth and a sense of responsibility.”

Prof. WANG Kaibo conveyed his excitement about the new students infusing fresh energy into VSPH, “I hope that you immerse yourselves in Tsinghua's culture, integrate your ideals with national and public health responsibilities, remain committed to self-improvement, and join hands in pursuing the achievement of mission.”

Associate Professor Xu Lei delivered a speech on the topic of “One Health”. He discussed the interdisciplinary nature of public health and emphasized the importance of international cooperation, “only through the cross-disciplinary integration can we deepen our comprehensive understanding of the factors that determine health, thus better meeting the evolving health needs of human society.”

2023 MPH Student KUANG Yi highlighted the value of mentors, the school's inclusive culture, and self-motivation. “Let’s together diligently delve into our academic study, and earnestly enhance our competence, contributing our efforts to the development of the public health field.” 2023 doctoral student YANG Yucheng expressed her dedication to public health research, emphasizing the importance of public health improvements in China and across the world. “Although we come from different academic and cultural background, as we gather at VSPH, we should do so with our passion, and embrace a mindset that balances local actions with global visions.”

IMPH student, Mulinda expressed gratitude for the support and care from VSPH, "we are very grateful for this rare opportunity and we are set for the journey of our studies here at Tsinghua University. By the way, it already feels like home."

The matriculation ceremony concluded with a group photo of the new students, marking the beginning of their academic journey at VSPH.