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Feng CHENG, Ph.D., Professor.

Professor Cheng is interested in the study of infectious disease epidemiology and public health policy, emphasizing on the prevention and control of major infectious diseases, the application of new technologies in the field of public health, and the study of global health strategies.


1992 - 1995 Doctor of Tropical Medicine, The University of Liverpool

1991 - 1992 Master of Tropical Health, The University of Queensland

1980 - 1985 Bachelor of Medicine, Tongji Medical University


July 2020 - Now, Research Professor and Chief Physician, Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

2014 - 2020, Research Professor and Chief Physician, Research Center for Public Health, Tsinghua University School of Medicine

2013 - 2014 Vice President, Global Health Strategies (GHS)

2003 - 2012 Country Director and Chief of Party, FHI 360

2000 - 2003 Principal Investigator and Chief Physician for China-UKHIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

1996 - 1999 Deputy Chief Physician, Hubei Provincial CDC

1985 - 1990 Research Fellow, Hubei Academy of Medical Sciences


Empirical studies on new approaches to majorinfectious diseasesprevention and control (especially HIV/AIDS and STI)

Smoking cessation APP

Global health strategies in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative

Research Projects

Community prevention and management strategies for ATS abuse and HIV infection among MSM (NFSC)

Evaluation study on HIV 90-90-90 strategies in Beijing (BSTC)

Country-specific study on global health and development under the Belt and Road Initiative (NHC)

Silk-road Global Health Fellowship Program and its related studies (CMB)

ReckittGlobal Hygiene Institute (RGHI) and its related hygiene and behavior change studies (RB)


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