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Full-time Faculty Distinguished Professor
Runsen CHEN

Runsen CHEN, D.Phil., Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Research domain: Psychiatric epidemiology, Psychopathology, Psychological interventions


2020 Doctoral degree, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, UK

2017 Master degree, Brain and Mind Center, University of Sydney, Australia

2015 Bachelor degree, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, Australia

Working experience

Adjunct Principal Investigator, National Clinical Research Center on Mental Disorders Mental Health Institute, Central South University, Changsha, China

Adjunct Research Fellow, Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Editorial Board

2018-present Bipolar Disorders

2019-present BMC Psychiatry

2020-present Globalization and Health (Guest editor)

Research interests

Mood disorders

Self-harm and suicide in adolescents

Gender dysphoria

Publications (selected)

1. Wen X, Qu D, Wang Y, Cui Z*, Zhang X*, Chen R*. The transition trajectories of self-Injurious thoughts and behaviors among children from biopsychosocial perspective: a population-based cohort study. Nature Mental Health (in press).

2. Lei C, Qu D, Liu K, Chen R*.  Using ecological momentary assessment and machine learning for suicidal ideation prediction among minority youth. JAMA Network Open (in press)

3. Liu D, Qu D, Wang Y, Xu S, Chen R*. Profile of childhood trauma subtypes associated with self-Injurious thoughts and behaviors. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (in press).

4. Cai C, Yin C, Tong Y…. An J*, Chen R*. Development of the Life Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training Program in China: A Delphi study. General Psychiatry (accepted)

5. Cai C, Qu D, Liu D, Liu B…. An J*, Chen R*. Effectiveness of a localised and systematically developed gatekeeper training program in preventing suicide among Chinese adolescents. Asian Journal of Psychiatry (accepted)

6. Qu D, Feng Y, Wen X, Chen R*. The effect of interoceptive awareness as the underlying mechanism between anxiety and NSSI behaviors. Journal of Affective Disorder Reports, 2023, 100598, 1-4

7. Qu D, Wen X, Zhang X, He Y, Chen D, ... Chen R*. Non-suicidal self-injury in Chinese population: a scoping review of prevalence, method, risk factors and preventive interventions. The Lancet Regional Health-Western Pacific, 2023. 100794, 1-19

8. Qu D, Liu D, Cai C, ... X Zhang*, Chen R*. Process model of emotion regulation-based digital intervention for emotional problems. Digital Health. 9 (2023): 20552076231187476.

9. Han M, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Ou J, *... Chen R*. A multi-component digital intervention to promote help-seeking for mental health problems and suicide in sexual and gender diverse young adults: A randomized controlled trial. Plos Medicine, 2023 March 6.

10. Wen X., Shu Y., Qu D., Wang Y., Cui Z., Zhang X*, Chen R*. Associations of bullying perpetration and peer victimization subtypes with preadolescent' s suicidality, non-suicidal self-injury, neurocognition and brain development. BMC Medicine. 2023 April 13.

11. Chen S*, Zhang Y, Qu D, He J, Yuan Q, Wang Y, Bi W, Chen P, Wu F, Chen R*. An Online Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Adolescent Anxiety: A randomized controlled trial. Asian Journal of Psychiatry. 2023 Jun 8:103660.

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14. Chen R#, Wang Y#, Liu L, Lu L, Wilson A, Gong S, Zhu Y, Sheng C, Zeng Y, Li Y, Ou J. A qualitative study of how self-harm starts and continues among Chinese adolescents. BJPsych open. 2021 Jan;7(1):e20.

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