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Full-time Faculty
Kaibo WANG

Vice Dean of Vanke School of Public Health. He was the Vice Head of the Industrial Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, Vice Dean of the Graduate School, and Chairman of Quality, Statistics and Reliability (QSR) branch of INFORMS Society. He served as the Secretary General of the National Industrial Engineering Education and Instruction Commission, Department Editor for IISE Transactions, and the Associate Editor for INFORMS Journal on Data Science.

His research interests include statistical quality control, data-driven modeling and monitoring for industrial and healthcare systems, and emphasis on the integration of engineering knowledge and statistical methods to solve practical industrial problems. He teaches courses such as Experimental Design for undergraduates, Advanced Quality Management for postgraduates, Quantitative Analysis Methods in Engineering Management, etc.

Selected Research Projects:

· NSFC Key Project, Towards High-Quality Intelligent Manufacturing--Quality Science Research under Industrial Big-data Environment,PI

· NSFC Key Project,Big Data Driven Methodologies for Achieving High Availability of the High Speed Railways, Co-PI

· NSFC,Quality and Yield Prediction based on 2-D Spatial Discrete Data, PI

· NSFC, Advanced Statistical Quality Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing, PI

· NSFC Youth Project, Statistical Process Adjustment based on Mixed-Resolution Information

· Beijing NSF, Statistical Forecasting and Monitoring of Spatial-Temporal Healthcare Data, PI

· Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, Multivariate Process Monitoring via Variable Selection, PI

Selected Publications:

· Qiao Liang, Kaibo Wang (2020) "Ratings Meet Reviews in the Monitoring of Online Products and Services", Journal of Quality Technology. Accepted.

· Hang Dong, Nan Chen, Kaibo Wang (2020) "Modeling and Change Detection for Count-weighted Multi-layer Networks", Technometrics. 62:2, 184-195.

· Zhang, L., Wang, K. and Chen, N. (2016) "Monitoring Wafer Geometric Quality using Additive Gaussian Processes", IIE Transactions, 48(1), 1-15.

· Wang, X., Wu, S., and Wang, K. (2015) "A Run-to-Run Profile Control Algorithm for Improving the Flatness of Nano-Scale Products", IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 12(1), 192-203.

· He, F., Xie, H. and Wang, K. (2015) "Optimal Setup Adjustment and Control of a Process under ARMA Disturbances", IIE Transactions, 47(3), 230-244.

· Zhou, X., Wang, K. and Zhao, L. (2014) "Variable-Selection-based Epidemic Disease Diagnosis", Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 43(7), 1595-1610.