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Full-time Faculty
Wannian LIANG

Wannian LIANG, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor.

Executive Vice Dean, Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

Vanke Chair Professor, Tsinghua University, Focus on public health management, health emergency, general practice.


2000-2003 Doctor of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, Peking Union Medical College

1983-1986 Anhui Medical University, Master of Epidemiology

1978-1983 Anhui Medical University, Bachelor of Public Health


2020-present Executive Vice Dean of Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

2018-2020 Director of the Department of Institutional Reform of the National Health Commission

2013-2018 Deputy Director of The Medical Reform Office of the State Council/Institutional Reform Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission

2011-2013 Emergency Office of the Ministry of Health/Concurrently director/Executive Deputy Director of the Medical Reform Office of the Ministry of Health

2009-2011 Deputy Director of the Emergency Office of the Ministry of Health

2009-2009 Deputy Director and Branch Secretary of the Emergency Office of the Ministry of Health

2005-2009 Executive Deputy Director, Party Member/President, School of Health Management and Education, Capital Medical University, Beijing Health Bureau

2003-2005 Deputy Director and President of Beijing Health Bureau/School of Health Management and Education, Capital Medical University

1997-2003 Deputy Director/President, Provost, Dean, Department of Preventive Medicine/School of Public Health and Family Medicine, Capital Medical University

1986-1996 Lecturer, associate professor and vice President, School of Health Management, Anhui Medical University


His research focuses on epidemiology and health statistics, health management, general practice, etc. He used to teach epidemiology, health management, health emergency management, general practice, medical research methodology, health service marketing management, community health service management, health policy, etc.


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2. Wannian Liang,* Zonghan Zhu, Jiyong Guo, Zejun Liu, Xiong He, Weigong Zhou, Daniel P. Chin, and Anne Schuchat for the Beijing Joint SARS Expert Group. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, Beijing, 2003. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2004;10 (1) 25-31.

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5. Wannian Liang*, L Feng, C Xu, N Xiang, Y Zhang, Y Shu, H Wang, H Luo, H Yu, X Liang, D Li, C-K Lee, Z Feng, Y Hou, Y Wang, Z Chen, W Yang. Response to the first wave of pandemic (H1N1) 2009: Experiences and lessons learnt from China. public health 126 (2012) 427e436.