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Tsinghua Vanke School of Public Health unveils its international advisory board

Tsinghua University’s Vanke School of Public Health recently set up its first international advisory board to bring great minds together and seek academic and other scientific and technical input for the further development of the recently-established school as well as for China’s public health sector.

The board is composed of 34 well-known experts and scholars from 12 countries around the world, including deans of world-famous public health schools, leaders of non-governmental organizations, public health sector leaders, and outstanding entrepreneurs.

Tsinghua established the school this April, aimed at covering four research fields, namely preventative medicine, comprehensive healthcare, big data in healthcare, and public health policy and management.

To transform the school into a world-class public health school, the board is expected to give forward-looking guidance and suggestions for the school’s scientific research, talent nurturing, social services, international cooperation and exchange, and to help expand its global presence.

Chen Xu

"The advisory board will play an important role in summarizing and sharing China's public health governance experience, facilitating further improvements, and contributing to global health governance," said Chen Xu, Chairperson of Tsinghua University Council, at the board's meeting with its Chinese members on October 20.

She noted it would also act as a high-end training base for public health pioneers and talents to promote China's think tank construction for the "Healthy China" strategy and its public health management, as well as strengthen global health governance and international cooperation.

The board is co-chaired by Han Qide, Honorary President of the China Association for Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Harvey Feinberg, President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Han Qide

At the meeting, Han suggested Tsinghua make full use of its excellent scientific and academic research results to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as pursue in-depth public health development via closer cooperation with both Chinese and overseas universities.

Margaret Chan

Dr Margaret Chan, founding Dean of the school, presided over the meeting and introduced the board's background and constitution.

Conference Day

On October 22, the school held its online board meeting with international members from 11 countries, who shared their opinions on teaching innovation, interdisciplinary cooperation, lifelong education in the public health field, young faculty development, incentive mechanisms and research platforms.

They also talked about the development and planning of the school and looked forward to future cooperation.

Qiu Yong

Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University, expressed his congratulations on the opening of the board's meeting via video link.

He said the advisory board would become a highlight in the field of global public health education, and hoped the school would give full play to the role of the board, strive to build a world-class public health school and make greater contributions to the realization of a "Healthy China" and a global community of health for humanity.


Harvey Feinberg pointed out that the Vanke school should “not only be the leading school of public health for China, but also represent a way of working for public health from an academic base that brings together the whole of society and that reaches across nations for a more global outlook.”

Editors: Guo Lili, Sangeet Sangroula