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Class of 2021 MPH students from Vanke School of Public Health (VSPH) of Tsinghua University conducted summer practices from July to September 2020. The practices engaged students with four public health and healthcare institutes in three cities in China. The two-month professional practice led to a greater understanding of the current situation of public health institutes, public health systems and health service demand in China, and facilitated deep investigation in line with national conditions by combining theory and practice.

In the afternoon of September 22nd, the Summer Professional Practice Defense meeting was held in Mingli Building, Tsinghua University. Liang Wannian, executive vice dean of VSPH, Wang Kaibo, vice president and head of the Party Work Group, Cheng Feng, assistant dean and director of the teaching office, and the faculty of VSPH attended the meeting. Supervisors from Shenzhen Health Development Research and Data Management Center, Chengdu Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), Beijing CDC and Baidu Incorporation joined the meeting online. During the presentation, the students reported on the background of their projects, their research findings and outcomes.




Fourteen students went to the Shenzhen Health Development Research and Data Management Center for professional practice the Research Sector one, Research Sector three and Big Data Department respectively. Their practice covered health policy research, strategic planning and consultation, macro policy recommendation and evaluation, and health big data management and analysis. During the practice, the students actively participated in various projects. Under the professional and meticulous instruction of the center supervisors, they conducted on-site researches, analyzed data, wrote reports, co-organized conferences and participated in competitions, which greatly expanded their understanding of the scope of health profession and left them with valuable practical experience.


At the Department of Communication and Prevention and the Department of Microscopy of Chengdu CDC, two VSPH students’ practice mainly based on two projects respectively, Research and Application of Blockchain-based Infectious Disease Surveillance and Early Warning Technology in Chengdu and Construction, Development and Application of Chengdu SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing Platform. During the period, they also participated in the CDC practice courses and local pandemic management, gaining work experience at the frontline and broadening their view towards Chinese public health profession from a grassroot perspective.


At the Beijing CDC, two students conducted researches on the Covid-19 pandemic, infectious diarrhea and health promotion in the home setting at the Local Infectious Diseases and Endemic Diseases Control Institute and the Health Education Institute respectively. For public health students, the CDC is the most professional practice unit, where they applied the qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis techniques learnt in classes to practical problems. The practical experience witnessed their public health literacy enhanced, their knowledge about the operation mode and work content of the CDC improved. Students were also deeply impressed by the enthusiasm, professional attitude and work ethics of their supervisors and colleagues.