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VSPH delegation participates in the 2023 CAMPUS Asia International Symposium

From February 18th to 21st, 2024, the 2023 CAMPUS Asia International Symposium was successfully convened at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. The symposium centered on the theme "Advancing Global Medical and Public Health Leadership: Facilitating International Collaboration," drawing participation from faculty and students representing six universities across China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.

Attendees of the 2023 CAMPUS Asia International Symposium

Wang Kaibo, vice dean of VSPH, Zhao Ai, associate professor of VSPH, and Li Tian, global affairs manager of VSPH, accompanied by doctoral students Wang Peicheng and Na Xiaona from the 21st cohort, attended the symposium, enriching discussions with their insights and experiences in healthcare development both in Asia and globally.

CAMPUS Asia, initiated in 2012 by the educational authorities of China, Japan, and South Korea, aims to implement the consensus among the three countries' leaders, fostering profound exchanges among outstanding students and fostering practical cooperation among universities. In 2021, Tsinghua University, Osaka University, Mahidol University, Yonsei University, along with 4 other universities, collectively applied for the third phase of the "CAMPUS Asia" project. This initiative seeks to further nurture researchers and leaders in public health and medicine, working collaboratively to address global health challenges.

Throughout the symposium, administrative members from various universities, key figures from the "Asia Campus" project, professors, and student representatives attended and delivered speeches. During the opening ceremony, Wang Kaibo introduced VSPH's history and development, emphasizing the significance of leadership, innovative technology, and international collaboration in addressing public health issues. Wang highlighted how the CAMPUS Asia, through interdisciplinary university cooperation, can nurture future talents and collectively tackle global public health security challenges.

Wang Kaibo addresses the opening ceremony of the symposium

In the administrative session, Li Tian presented the international development achievements and global cooperation projects of VSPH. Li emphasized the development of VSPH's faculty team and students, actively engaging in diverse exchange and cooperation initiatives, and steadfastly upholding the school's original mission, contributing to global health progress.

Li Tian delivers a speech at the symposium

During the academic discussion, Zhao Ai chaired the first academic session and delivered a speech. She underscored the existence of numerous overlooked areas in global nutrition intervention due to insufficient supporting data. Through close collaboration among experts and scholars from Asia and worldwide, she pointed out that more effective solutions could be devised to address global malnutrition issues collectively.

Zhao Ai delivers a speech at the symposium

On the final day of the symposium, student representative Na Xiaona shared her research experiences and studies targeting Asian populations. Na will soon start her exchange and study program at Osaka University. She expressed gratitude for the valuable research and learning opportunities provided by CAMPUS Asia, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations.

Na Xiaona shares her experience at the symposium

The success of the CAMPUS Asia International Symposium has not only enhanced communication and collaboration among experts and scholars from various nations but has also added fresh vigor into the cultivation of future leaders in public health and medicine. It is believed that with the collective endeavors of all the stakeholders, significant achievements will be made in advancing global health objectives.