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VSPH successfully holds the Student Overseas Practice Exchange and Sharing Event

The VSPH Student Overseas Practice Exchange and Sharing Event, with the theme of "expanding international perspectives and enhancing global competence," was held on April 21st. Among the attendees were Director LIAO Ying and Deputy Director HUANG Cheng from the Center for Global Competence Development at Tsinghua University, alongside VSPH Dean Margaret Chan, Vice Dean WANG Kaibo, Assistant Dean and Administrative Office Director YIN Qi, Associate Professor TANG Kun, as well as VSPH staff and student representatives, totaling over thirty participants. The event was hosted by XU Ying, a member of the Tsinghua Student Public Health Association.

Opening remarks from WANG Kaibo

Delivering the opening remarks, WANG Kaibo underscored that VSPH has always adhered to the mission of "building a world-leading school of public health with global impact," emphasizing the cultivation of outstanding international public health talents. He encouraged students to actively embrace the opportunities of overseas exchange and practice, encouraging them to gain firsthand insights into China's international responsibilities and contributions while further honing global competence.

Sharing from LIU Youjia

Sharing from LIU Shan

Sharing from LI Xuan

Sharing from ZHANG Tingkai

The event featured compelling presentations from student representatives LIU Youjia, LIU Shan, LI Xuan, and ZHANG Tingkai, who shared their enriching experiences from internships at various UNICEF field offices worldwide. Their diverse experiences ranged from field research projects in Cambodia and exchange studies at the University of Geneva to headquarter practice in New York, innovative initiatives in Denmark, and local studies in Senegal. These presentations showcased the diverse opportunities available for students to engage in global health initiatives.

Sharings from HAUNG Cheng

LIAO Ying interacted with students

Following the presentations, sharings on the meaning of global competence and the university's initiatives to enhance students' skills in this area were led by HUANG Cheng. Additionally, LIAO Ying emphasized the Center for Global Competence Development's dedication to cultivating global competence among both Chinese and international students. She highlighted initiatives such as Chinese language classes and the development of bilingual online resources to facilitate cross-cultural understanding.

Margaret Chan summarized the event

In her closing remarks, Dean Margaret Chan commended the students for their exemplary overseas experiences and outlined three key aspirations for their future endeavors. She encouraged students to engage with diverse communities, communicate confidently and think big, and embrace their roles as future leaders in global health governance.

XU Ying hosted the event

Overall, the event has provided a valuable platform for students to share their experiences, learn from each other, and further their understanding of global health challenges. It also laid a solid foundation for VSPH to continue expanding student overseas exchanges and optimizing talent training programs with the commitment to nurturing internationally-minded graduates equipped to address complex global issues.