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Preparedness for health emergencies demands that we better identify, respond to, and recover from outbreaks before they cause great harm.

The Trinity Challenge is an initiative led by some of the world's most prominent organisations from across the private, academic, and social sectors for the purpose of sourcing and scaling solutions that better protect one billion more people from future health emergencies. It is a call to action for the world's best and brightest minds to contribute ideas and innovations. Questions cover economics, behavioural sciences, epidemiology, and many other disciplines.

Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University, is one of the members supporting this challenge.

The Trinity Challenge will focus on generating, identifying and recognising insights through data and analytics. To be accepted into The Challenge, all applicants will have to provide ideas and concepts addressing at least one of three areas in which to improve our approach towards pandemic prevention & control: Better identification, better response and better recovery.

The Trinity Challenge provides information about a broad range of global and local data sources which could serve as meaningful inputs or starting points for The Challenge.

First round applications open in October 2020 and submissions are due in April 2021.

All those with innovative ideas that fall within the scope of this challenge are welcome to join.