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【Public Health Seminar Series】Uncovering the epidemiology of vision impairment and health in older adults

Uncovering the epidemiology of vision impairment and health in older adults

【Speaker】Jian-YuE, ScD, MD, MPH

Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins

UniversitySchool of Medicine


【Time】Nov3. 10-11 am

【Venue】TencentMeeting(ID:925 779 505)


Mobility is a central feature of well-being and an essential component of quality of life, particularly in visually impaired older adults, whose functional capability is often compromised, physical activity declines, and the risk of falling increases. This seminar presents new insights into 1) gathering data necessary for designing programs to prevent mobility restrictions, 2) utilizing of remote-sensing technology to evaluate real-world mobility outcomes, 3) and characterizing patterns of daily activity to indicate future health. Information acquired from this seminar will lay groundwork for future epidemiological studies with the objectives to design and implement interventions to eliminate health disparities between people with and without visual impairment.

【Speaker Bio】

Dr. E is a Postdoc Research Fellow in Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He received the Doctor of Science (ScD) degree from Department of Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. E was the recipient of theGerontologicalSociety of America (GSA) Health Sciences—Research Award. The primary goal of Dr. E’s research is to develop, evaluate and apply methods for comparative effectiveness research, and to explore reliable evidence to make informed decisions. His research interests include (1) epidemiological methodology and cohort study; (2) clinical trials: design, procedure and management; (3) evidence-based medicine, systematic reviews and meta-analysis; (4) epidemiology of aging, ophthalmic epidemiology, andpharmacoepidemiology. Over the last five years, he has published more than 10 peer-reviewed articles in top-tier scientific journals, of which 9 are first-author publications such as Ophthalmology, JAMA Ophthalmology, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and etc. He earns spots on the editorial board at the American Journal of Ophthalmology (IF=4.5), American Journal of Clinical Oncology (IF=3.1), associated editor at International Journal of Clinical Trials, and guest editor at Journal of Clinical Trials. He serves as a peer reviewer for more than 15 reputable journals.