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Tsinghua University Vanke School of Public Health successfully held the 2023 VSPH Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students

On July 3, Tsinghua University Vanke School of Public Health (VSPH) commenced the 2023 Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students. With applications from nearly a thousand undergraduate students nationwide, approximately 40 outstanding students were finally selected to embark on the three-day academic journey on Tsinghua campus. This activity aims to enhance the participants’ understanding about VSPH and to assist them in selecting their future academic disciplines in the public health field.

Opening Ceremony

During the opening ceremony, Prof. CHENG Feng, Assistant Dean and Researcher of VSPH and Vice Dean of Tsinghua Institute for Healthy China, provided a comprehensive overview of the School. He also shared insights into the School's talent cultivation model, ongoing research and academic projects, and international exchange initiatives, allowing the participants to gain a deeper understanding of VSPH. Prof. Cheng encouraged the participants to wholeheartedly engage the summer camp, which presented an invaluable opportunity to enhance their skills and showcase their talents.

Professor LIANG Wannian, Executive Vice Dean of VSPH, Vanke Chair Professor and Dean of Tsinghua Institute for Healthy China, delivered a welcome speech. Prof. Liang highlighted the School's four domain research directions, including public health security, public health policy and management, big health and big data in healthcare. Emphasizing the importance of adopting a global vision, aligning with national strategies, and actively sharing China's story to the world, Professor Liang underscored the mission and responsibility shouldered by Tsinghua students in the new era.

Mentor Sharing Session

14 mentors from the School introduced their research directions, achievements, and future development plans to the participants. The topics covered a wide range of areas, including climate change, global public health and governance, lifelong health, environmental epidemiology, environmental pollution, zoonotic diseases, health risks of vulnerable groups, health economics, big data in healthcare, behavioral health, children and adolescents' mental health, medicine development, public health and law.

Engaging lectures captivated the participants, stimulating their interests and encouraging active participation. The mentors' presentations enabled students to gain a clearer understanding of the unique aspects of each mentor's research specialties. Subsequently, the students engaged in discussions with the mentors, raising thought-provoking questions. The mentors responded patiently, drawing on their expertise and experience.

Campus Tour

Participants were also provided with the opportunity to tour the Tsinghua campus. Guided by VSPH teachers and current master's students, they visited notable landmarks, such as the East Gate and the Tsinghua Auditorium. Additionally, the participants visited the Tsinghua History Museum, attentively absorbing the century-long history and development of the university through images and artifacts.

Peer Communication

A peer communication session was organized, during which VSPH student representatives warmly introduced the vibrant school life and shared their own learning experiences. The camp participants eagerly raised questions, including research direction selection, internship placement, and career prospects for graduates. VSPH students patiently provided answers, bringing the participants closer to their aspirations.

Academic Assessment

On July 4, an examination was conducted to assess the participants' professional competence, English academic abilities, and overall qualities. The students showed composure and dedication as they tackled the questions, effectively demonstrating their professional abilities and comprehensive skills.

The Health Challenge

The Health Challenge, an annual highlight of the summer camp, took place on the morning of July 5. Participants presented their group findings, focusing on future pandemics from different perspectives: risk identification, rapid response, and individual protection. The Health Challenge emphasized teamwork, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative problem-solving. It broadened students' horizon in global health, stimulated their capacity for interdisciplinary cooperation, and inspired their creative thinking.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony was held following the Health Challenge. Prof. WANG Kaibo, Vice Dean of VSPH, encouraged the participants to stick to their goals and bear responsibilities in their future studies. As the School was established during the pandemic period, it carries the mission and responsibility to serve the nation. He urged the students to shoulder their responsibility in the new era and contribute to the whole society. He mentioned that the summer camp brought together outstanding students from across the country, establishing strong connections and fostering a sense of unity in working towards the future of public health. “It marked a promising beginning, paving the way for further excellence within VSPH. We all share a common goal, hoping to contribute to the future of public health and write a new chapter that belongs to us”, said Prof. Wang.

In the afternoon, through simulated scenarios and interviews, the mentors from VSPH assessed the participants' professional competence, psychological qualities, and comprehensive abilities. During the interviews, each participant fully demonstrated their personal strengths, characteristics, professional qualities, and research capabilities.

With the successful conclusion of the 2023 VSPH Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students, the participants expressed that they have benefited greatly from this experience. They acquired an in-depth understanding of the School's teaching strength, academic research, and other aspects. They gained insights into future directions. The summer camp has provided a valuable interactive platform for students aspiring to join VSPH. The School looks forward to welcoming more outstanding students to become part of the public health family at Tsinghua University.