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Tsinghua Vanke School of Public Health International Advisory Board 2023 Meeting successfully held with key focus on global public health

On November 3rd, Tsinghua Vanke School of Public Health (VSPH) International Advisory Board (IAB) 2023 Meeting was successfully convened at Tsinghua University. Qiu Yong, Chairman of the University Council, and Margaret Chan, Founding Dean of VSPH, were in attendance and delivered keynote speeches. Thirteen distinguished members of the board, both domestic and international, as well as invited experts, participated in the event. The Opening Ceremony was presided over by Prof. Wang Kaibo, Vice Dean of VSPH.

Qiu Yong delivers opening remarks

Qiu Yong expressed his sincere appreciation to supporters of Tsinghua University's growth and the establishment of VSPH. He underscored that VSPH was founded with the primary goal of nurturing young professionals and future leaders in the field of public health, contributing to the establishment of a national pandemic prevention and control system, and safeguarding the health of the global population. Over the past three years, VSPH has made remarkable advancements in talent development, team building, scientific research, social service, and international collaboration, thanks in no small part to the forward-looking and strategic guidance offered by the IAB.

Qiu emphasized the significance of placing "safeguarding people's health in a position of strategic priority and improving policies for promoting people's health," as highlighted in the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Tsinghua University has recognized public health as a pivotal interdisciplinary field, striving to address global challenges and take a leading role in public health and related areas. As the school embarks on a new journey, Dr. Qiu hopes that VSPH will firmly grasp the lifeline of high-quality development, harness the potential of interdisciplinary integration as a "catalyst," and nurture innovative public health leaders capable of shaping the future. He looks forward to the IAB's continued valuable input into the school's development.

Margaret Chan delivers opening remarks

Margaret Chan, on behalf of VSPH, expressed her gratitude to the 1st IAB members and all individuals who have steadfastly supported the school's mission. She emphasized VSPH's commitment to the vision of "Based in China, facing the world, serving our community and humanity." The school actively contributes to national strategies and societal needs, innovates in public health talent cultivation, conducts significant public health research, promotes international exchanges and cooperation in the field of health, and engages in global health governance. In 2022, Tsinghua University was designated as one of the 18 national "high-level schools of public health." To better realize this goal, she looks to the board members and experts for deeper guidance in talent cultivation and discipline construction, and hopes they collaborate across sectors to drive the school's development and contribute to global public health and well-being.

Liang Wannian reports on the school 2022-2023 accomplishments

Liang Wannian, Executive Vice Dean of VSPH, reported on the significant accomplishments of the school in the past year, covering talent development, scientific research, social services, international collaboration, and the expansion of disciplines and faculty teams, as well as highlighting the school's future focal points.

The meeting featured discussions and recommendations from the board members and experts. Zhan Qimin, Co-Chair of the 2nd IAB, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chair Professor at Peking University, Deputy Director of the Peking University Academic Committee, former Executive Vice President of Peking University, and former Dean of Peking University Medical School, along with Dr. Harvey Fineberg, Chairman of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, led discussions on two critical topics: "How VSPH can train more interdisciplinary public health talents in alignment with the demands of the new era?" and "The characteristics, evaluation system, and evaluation indicators of a high-level school of public health, and how VSPH can attain this development goal."

Board members and invited experts praised the school's accomplishments over the past year and engaged in valuable discussions. Insightful topics and recommendations were made on matters including the cultivation of interdisciplinary public health talents; discipline development; scientific research; faculty team construction: the expansion of international student recruitment; and, the advancement of the school’s international competitiveness and influence.

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In their concluding remarks, Margaret Chan and Harvey Fineberg conveyed their thoughts. Chan affirmed VSPH's commitment to carefully study and implement the various recommendations made by IAB members. The school will focus on overcoming challenges, continuously enhance talent recruitment, build a faculty team with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, closely collaborate with research institutes, collaborated schools, and other outstanding universities to explore the interdisciplinary approach to talent development, strengthen the data resource system, promote data resource sharing, actively engage in global public health issues, and contribute to global health, drawing on Tsinghua's strengths. Harvey Fineberg, in his closing remarks, expressed his appreciation for VSPH's remarkable achievements. He reflected on the advice provided by the board members and experts and underscored the importance of building connections with other disciplines, institutions, government entities, communities, and global partners in the journey to create a globally recognized high-level school of public health. As a youthful and innovative institution, he hopes that VSPH will continue to explore more open and innovative institutional mechanisms to achieve excellence in all aspects of its work.

Group photo of meeting attendees