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    VSPH successfully holds the Student Overseas Practice Exchange and Sharing Event
    VSPH successfully holds the Student Overseas Practice Exchange and Sharing Event

    The VSPH Student Overseas Practice Exchange and Sharing Event, with the theme of "expanding international perspectives and enhancing global competence," was held on April 21st. Among the attendees were Director LIAO Ying and Deputy Director HUANG Cheng from the Center for Global Competence Development at Tsinghua University, alongside VSPH Dean Margaret Chan, Vice Dean WANG Kaibo, Assistant Dea...

  • Tsinghua Vanke School of Public Health unveils its international advisory board

    Tsinghua University’s Vanke School of Public Health recently set up its first international advisory board to bring great minds together and seek academic and other scientific and technical input for the further development of the recently-established school as well as for China’s public health sector.The board is composed of 34 well-known experts and scholars from 12 countries around the w...

  • Tsinghua’s Vanke School of Public Health holds seminar to share COVID-19 prevention and control experiences

    Tsinghua University’s newly established Vanke School of Public Health held a seminar on September 25 to exchange experiences in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, as well as discuss strategies and measures for the normalized epidemic prevention and control.The “Healthy China” seminar was held under the title “Capacity Enhancement Training Program – Theory and Pra...

  • CALDI Sharing with Ethiopian Ministry of Health in Tsinghua COVID-19 Scientific Research and Development

    On April 7th, the Embassy of Ethiopia to China sent an official letter to the China-Africa Leadership Development Institute (CALDI) as a formal request for collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute to share experiences in the identification and mitigation mechanisms for COVID-19. In order to uphold global public health security and enhance international...

  • Tsinghua University establishes Vanke School of Public Health

    Tsinghua University and China Vanke Co. Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement this morning to establish the Vanke School of Public Health, which will boost talent training, scientific research and further enhance China’s capabilities in public health management.Drawing on Tsinghua’s multidisciplinary advantages, the School will adopt new models of interdisciplinary cooperation and education. I...

  • Build a Bright Future for Mankind with Concerted Efforts

    Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua UniversityApril 2nd, 2020Qiu YongToday, we are inaugurating the Vanke School of Public Health of Tsinghua University, which is of long-lasting significance for us all. As the COVID-19 epidemic threatens the lives and livelihoods of people across the world, global public health is facing an incredible challenge. The impact of the pandemic on society and the econ...